A London Record Producer Looking for Local Hip-Hop Talent

The British music industry in general can be very tough to break into with millions of talented stars all competing with each other for the chance of getting a contract. With so much competition, even many genuinely talented artists don’t always make it.

Others also have an unfair advantage to begin with by being born into affluent families that can support and fund their rise to fame. Getting your break in the music industry is often a case of being in the right place at the right time, and for most this just never happens.

If you are a hip-hop artist in the London area looking for your big break in the music industry then your luck may be in. Shelly, 42, is an aspiring record producer and is looking for local talent in the hope of finding the next big thing. Currently working as a escort 24/7 at www.palacevip.com, Shelly does have experience working in the music industry and is sure that she has the know-how and the contacts to make a star.

Knowing the Right People

Shelly has been supplementing her work as a London escort with doing gigs as a singer, but didn’t quite have the talent to make it beyond gigs in pubs and club.

During her time as a singer though she has had a lot of contact with many influential names in the industry and is confident that she can pull the strings to make sure that good talent gets noticed. It is often by being introduced to the right people that a performer’s career can take off, and Shelly has plenty of contacts.

Shelly is also familiar with the many nuances of the trade and what is more or less likely to help somebody to become a success. With some hints and tips of how to create an attention grabbing performance, Shelly believes that she can guide raw talent toward becoming the finished article. Shelly feels that she is now ready to use her knowledge and contacts to become a record producer herself. It is an exciting time for her, and also an exciting time for any talented artists that catch Shelly’s eye.

Anybody Welcome.

Although Shelly is most familiar with Hip-Hop, she is also looking out for talented performers in other genres so anybody can apply. If you would like to apply, then contact us at www.procapperwins.com and we can pass on your application to Shelly.

A video of your performance will of course need to be included, although an audio file is acceptable if video is not possible for you. The only requirement is that you will need to be in the London area in case you are called upon for further auditions and discussions.

If you do feel that you have a talent and would like the opportunity to get noticed, then Shelly could be your dream come true. Contact us with your video and it may not be long before you are the next big thing to hit the Hip-Hop scene.